Museum conservation

What is conservation?

Conservation is what we do to help look after and care for the items in our museums, galleries and record archives.

Our conservation team

Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives cultural and natural collections have been under the care of conservators since the 1940s. Our staff specialising in antiquities, paintings, paper and photographs, and preventive conservation are based at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. Our conservators:

  • prepare artefacts for display
  • set conservation standards for the refurbishment of permanent exhibitions
  • prepare artefacts for loan to another institution
  • check new acquisitions
  • assess the condition of objects and work on the installation of temporary exhibitions
  • work to improve collections storage maintain permanent displays - this includes training staff and cleaning objects.
The Conservation Team is primarily a resource for Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives, but also provides information and advice to the general public and carries out work for individuals and other regional collections. This work is undertaken on a commercial basis by our in-house team.

Can I contact a conservator?

If you have an enquiry or an object that needs conservation, please contact our conservators - details can be found on the Conservation in Action page.

Renew items at library

Renew online

  • Renew on the Libraries West website.
  • You will need your library card membership number and PIN. Need a PIN? See below.
  • If there are letters before the number, enter the letter 'P' (but ignore the letters 'AN'), followed by the 8 numbers on your card, with no gap.

Renew at your local library

Visit your local library and renew your items either at the self-service kiosk or with a member of staff. Find your local library.

How to get your PIN

  • You need your PIN to renew your books online.
  • To find out your PIN phone any library.
    Find the telephone number of your local library
  • You will be asked to provide any two of the following:
    1. your library card number.
    2. your postcode.
    3. your phone number.
    4. your date of birth.
    5. details of one of the items that you have on loan.

If you want to change the PIN you are given to something you will remember more easily, you can do that on Libraries West website, or by phone.

What can I renew?

  • You can extend your loans, or renew most books unless they've been requested by another borrower. They may be renewed and returned at any LibrariesWest library. This covers all libraries in Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset and South Gloucestershire.
  • Other items like music CDs and films on DVD can't be renewed. They are liable for a further hire charge if they become overdue.

How will you let me know about overdue items?

  • We send out 'pre-overdues'. This means you will get an email two days before your loans are due. We hope that these emails are helpful, but we advise you not to rely on them as the only way of reminding yourself about the due date of your borrowed items. If for some reason you do not receive the pre-overdue email notice you will still have to pay an overdue charge.
  • If you don't renew your loans we will also send you one email or text message telling you that you have overdue items.
  • If there are other library users waiting for the items you have out, you will be asked to return them as soon as possible.
  • Let us know your email address or your mobile phone number and you'll receive an email or text message to your preferred choice.
  • You can update your details online, or tell us next time you visit.

Bristol swimming pool

Swimming pool timetables and prices

Bristol South pool timetable
Bristol South pool prices
Tel: 0117 903 1618

Easton Leisure Centre pool timetables
Easton Leisure Centre pool prices
Tel: 0117 903 1628

Henbury Leisure Centre pool timetables
Henbury Leisure Centre pool prices
Tel: 0117 353 2555

Horfield Leisure Centre pool timetables
Horfield Leisure Centre pool prices
Tel: 0117 903 1643

Hengrove Park Leisure Centre pool timetable and price list
Tel: 0117 937 0200

Jubilee pool timetable and price list
Tel: 0117 304 8180

The council has two stand alone pools, four leisure centres and two sports centres which are managed by Sports and Leisure Management Limited (SLM) and Parkwood Leisure. Everyone Active is the trading name for SLM Ltd.

A range of water-based activities are available from your local leisure centre or pool, including fitness and early morning swims, aqua aerobics and parent and child sessions as well as general public swim times.

Swimming pool policy

Please abide by our swimming pool policy at all times. It is conditional to your admission to our facilities.

Sports facilities

We are committed to providing quality leisure and sporting facilities for the local community. Our two stand alone pools, four leisure centres and two sports centres are now managed by two independent leisure management companies called Sports and Leisure Management Limited (SLM) and Parkwood Community Leisure. Everyone Active is the trading name for SLM Ltd.

There are a number of community sports facilities that we have have community use agreements with - these are based at schools, colleges and academies.

You can also book a wide variety of outdoor sport facilities in Bristols parks and green spaces.

View a map of council leisure facilities in Bristol

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Adult Learning

Adult Learning

See the list of courses or search for a course. You will need to register to see prices and to book. You can also view our full colour course guide, then return here to make your booking online.

Free School Meal

Free School Meal

New free school meals applications can be done online using our eFree School Meals service. Submitting your application online has numerous benefits over a paper form.

Join the Library

Join the Library

You can join online on the Libraries West website. Once you have joined, you reserve items from the catalogue straight away. To borrow items, use the library computers.

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